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    Home Town: Staines
    Club: Ashford (Middlesex) Hockey Club
    Position: Goal Keeper

    I began my hockey journey in 2014 when I trained outfield for my primary school.
    In 2015 I  joined Ashford (Middlesex) Hockey Club, where I found my love of playing in goal. During my time at AHC I have represented the club at various levels. Boys U12, boys U14, men’s 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s. I completed in Surrey Youth Games in 2016 where we placed silver. During that same year I tried out for Middlesex county and was lucky enough to be selected for the academy team. I also made it through to the acadamy team in 2017,2018 and 2019. In 2019 we competed really well and won our league with seven wins and one draw. This season I’m looking forward to playing a good standard of Men’s hockey, boys U16’s and trying out for Middlesex county boys U16’s. Watch this space.

    Home Town: Leicester
    Club: Leicester Hockey Club
    Position: Attacking midfield

    I play for Leicester hockey club, and have been playing there for since I was five. My hometown is Leicester. I play in attacking midfield, and I can’t live without my stick. I believe I am a confident speaker, and this certainly doesn’t stop on the pitch! I am good at getting my point across, and play at a Midlands level of hockey. I have been playing hockey my whole life and love it! 

    Home Town: Guildford 
    Club: Guildford Hock Club
    Position: Centre midfield / forward 

    I grew up in Cobham, Surrey and first picked up a hockey stick aged six while watching my older brother play at Surbiton and  soon got the bug herself. I began playing at Surbiton Hockey Club and was part of the U12 national winning team before moving to Guildford hockey club. Joining Cranleigh Senior School gave me the opportunity to play indoor hockey and last year I played in the U16 team that won the school indoor national finals. Having played for Surrey I now play at Performance centre level and also for Guildford hockey club. When not playing team sports I love wake-boarding, sailing and tennis.

    Home Town: Weybridge 
    Club: Surbiton Hockey Club
    Position: Defence

    I have an older sister, Anna. I live with my mum, sister and dog Alfie in Weybridge. I go to Kingston Grammar School and play hockey for Surbiton Hockey Club. I’ve played there since I was 9 and before that I played for Old Georgians Dragons. I started playing hockey at junior school when I was 7. I totally live and breath hockey and would love to play for GB one day. I play in defence...right back. I was chosen to play for Surrey U13’s when I had just turned 11. I did that for 2 years and and I now play U15 PC. I do love other sport too and I play cricket for Weybridge as well as school. I also love netball, football and athletics. Outside of school/club I go running and belong to a gym. I was chosen to be a Mercian Ambassador at the age of 10.The two people who have most inspired me in my love for hockey are Becky Walters my old coach at junior school, who used to be an England goalie and plays for East Grinstead; the other is my sisters friend (well actually we argue over who’s friend she really is) Izzy Carey who goes to my old school, plays for Surbiton and also England U16 last year. Honestly I don’t think I could live without my dog, Alfie, who is just the best. He’s a rescue dog from Battersea Dogs Home. He’s very big but thinks he’s very small so he likes to sit on peoples lap! That’s all 38kg of him! My mum would also argue that I never stop eating! So I couldn’t live without lots of food.
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