If you adore your ST. BERT'S pieces but need a slight adjustment, a fit tweak, or your beloved item requires a little extra care, our alteration and repair partner is here to assist you.

Tailored Alterations: Is the leg length not quite right? Make precise adjustments to ensure your ST. BERT'S pants fit you flawlessly.

Fit Tweaks: If your garment needs a bit of fine-tuning to match your unique body shape, we can make subtle alterations for a personalized fit.

Expert Repairs: Have you worn your ST. BERT'S piece to the point where it needs a little tender loving care? Our expert repair services can breathe new life into your cherished items.

Worry-Free Service: Don't worry if you're not confident in your sewing skills or don't know a reliable alteration service. We have you covered with our reputable partner.


Trouser length alteration: £12-15

Alterations: TBC subject to submission of photos

Repairs: TBC subject to submission of photos

Plus postage to and from London.

Your ST. BERT'S pieces are an investment, and we're here to help you maximize their lifespan. Let us transform your beloved garments into the perfect fit, reducing waste and making your wardrobe more sustainable, one stitch at a time.

For inquiries or to schedule an alteration, contact Iwona with images and information of the alteration required and when you need them for: iwonatailoring@gmail.com or 07783526777

If you have a bulk order and would like us to organise the alteration before sending out to you please drop us an email with all the relevant information to info@stberts.com

NB: We cannot accept returns after any alterations have been made to your items.