About Us

We are St Bert’s. 

We make cool sweats for adults and kids, inspired by the bright palettes and brilliant retro designs of the 70s.

Our clothes are made in Portugal, ethically sourced, and made from the most beautiful jersey cotton you will ever feel - we think so anyway!  

We make clothes that both adults and kids want to live in - leisurewear, loungewear, working from home wear. 

Clothes you want to put on as soon as you get up in the morning and clothes kids want to put on as soon as they get home from school.

Clothes for wearing all weekend, to pull on after exercise, when you get home from work, when you get in from the slopes, or out of the sea. ALL DAY LONG. 

Sweats and tees, full of quality and colour.

For looking good and feeling good at the same time.

And so grown ups don’t feel left out, we’ve produced a brand new adult collection.

We think our clothes speak for themselves. Loud, proud and bursting with life. 

About our Clothes.

We partner with a manufacturer in Portugal, who care as much about quality as we do, to make unbelievably soft clothing made from 100% cotton.

All cloth is knitted and dyed in Portugal and complies with OEKO- TEX standards, which ensures that no substances harmful to the environment or humans are used in production.

Garments are produced in a small modern family run factory in Northern Portugal.  Our policy is to develop long term stable relationships with our manufacturing partners.

Almost all fabrics we use are from 100% natural fibres such as cotton.  We actively avoid using manmade fibres such as polyester and polyamide, even though it would be cheaper for us to do so.

Goods are produced in small batches to avoid overordering and colours and cloths are used season after season helping reduce wastage of cloth.

*** Please note our clothing does not include accessories which are made further afield***